Business Units

Production, Operations and Services

Our operational activities include the implementation and development of manufacturing and post-manufacturing processes such as quality assurance control, installation maintenance, complex packaging solutions, and careful preparation for logistics. When clients entrust us to handle these activities on their behalf, they reduce costs and are able to focus on their organization’s core areas of expertise.






Specialty Minerals

As a global provider of minerals and ingredients for the Pharma and Food industries, we rely on our extensive experience to select the highest quality ingredients complying with the most stringent regulations and standards. We ensure added value to our customers at every stage of the supply chain, providing tailormade solutions, custom formulations and assistance with regulations and product registration.

Top Quality Ingredients

Our product portfolio consists of magnesium compounds, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, aluminium hydroxide and sodium chloride. Need a custom solution? Talk to us!

Regulatory Support

We advise on national and regional regulations worldwide, supporting our customers during the product registration process for Food & Pharma ingredients.

Custom Formulation Development

Our team develops special formulations and devises innovative solutions to meet our clients' diverse needs.



Food industry



Family Owned Business

Founded in the 1960s, MDCL provided a variety of chemical and mineral plant services in the early years. We gained extensive knowledge in the raw material industry and developed unique expertise in a number of areas including managing raw material production processes, chemical changes, quality analysis, packaging, post-production logistics, formulation services, regulatory support and international distribution.
Minerals are the heart of our business. It’s more than just a business — minerals are our passion. We rely on our broad industrial experience to always provide added value to our customers.

High Level of Unique Minerals

We supply the highest quality minerals and components from factories around the world, ensuring that our products comply with the most stringent regulations and standards worldwide.
The raw materials we supply are characterized by a very high level of purity and meet the stringent criteria of international pharma standards such as the USP and the EP.
The pharma and food products we offer are manufactured under GMP conditions and meet the criteria of the Food Chemicals Codex and other authorities.

Success Stories

We are committed to the success of our customers and, just like our passion for minerals, we are always working on innovative ways to solve the challenges facing our customers.
Our key goal is to provide effective solutions at the best possible prices.
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